Cell Phone Repair Center | About
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About Us

Cell Phone Repair Center is a repair center for all your gadgets and devices. We were founded on June of 2009 in the metro Detroit area. We have a physical location in the Downtown Detroit and a great Service Team that goes to you. Both our in-house and mobile team are not just only knowledgeable about how to repair your devices but they are also great with clients.


The services we provide are: screen repairs, battery replacement, board level repairs, phone and tablet refurbishing, liquid damage, data recovery, buying, selling, trade-in, laptop and desktop repairs. We love seeing happy clients every day, that is our satisfaction. We are not your typical repair shop, not only do we accept walk-in’s, drop-off, mail-in’s but we also have a Mobile Service Team (Appointments would be needed).


We also do a lot of board level repairs like Micro-Soldering IC chips, Touch IC a.k.a touch disease (very common issue with iPhone 6 Plus), unable to charge, no response, GPS & Wi-Fi (very common issue with iPhone 6), No Service, and many more. We have completed over 15,000 repairs and we are top rated in Detroit.


At Cell Phone Repair Center we’re passionate about refurbishing your device(s) back to the original form. Getting your life back on track allows you to build and create amazing things in your life. Now, go showoff to the people who love your creativity and craziest. Thank you all for being our awesome customers. Please continue to send your love and support! Feel free to tell us what you think and give us feedback.